The Ultimate Moving to Hamburg Guide

Hamburg buildings at the Elbe

Congratulations on your decision to move to Hamburg. Hamburgs nickname in German “Hamburg – meine Perle” does not come without reason. Hamburg really is the pearl in the North of Germany.

If you look at pictures you might let to believe that Hamburg is a coastal town.

What many people don’t know before moving to Hamburg is that Hamburg is actually around 100kms south of the coast.

Nevertheless Hamburg has a feeling about it that usually only coastal towns can offer.

You might find yourself eating fresh fish at the Fischmarkt or admire the size of the biggest port in Germany and the 3rd biggest port in Europe.

But before you can enjoy the beauty of Hamburg there are some things you should take care of before.

With our help these tasks will be easy as pie and you will save a lot of Euros that you can spend on more fun things.

Hamburg Neighbourhoods

Hamburg architecture

As Hamburg is a very big city there are also a lot of different neighbourhoods with different vibes.

Which neighbourhood suits you best might differ on what you are looking for.

Are you a family and you prefer some quiet time and green? Or are you a student looking for some party at night?

For each one of you there is the perfect neighbourhood. Just continue reading here about the best neighbourhoods in Hamburg.

Living in Hamburg

Hamburg architecture

Life in Hamburg is just awesome. And no, we are not biased here.

But Hamburg has so much to offer you don’t want to live anywhere else.

Hamburg has lot’s of theatres, musicals, the Opera (sensitive topic by the way) and a lot more to offer. Living in Hamburg will definitely not be boring.

Weather in Hamburg

View of Hamburg

Well the only downside to Hamburg might be that the weather, especially in autumn and winter, might be a bit depressing.

Even if the weather statistics don’t show exceptionally high amounts of rain, it is not uncommon that the sky is gray and it is raining for days and days.

But in summer there is nothing better than enjoying the sun while taking in a fresh breeze at the Elbe.

Open Bank Account in Hamburg

Hamburg Bank account

The most important task you should take care of even before moving to Hamburg is to open a German bank account.

Without a German bank account you won’t be able to rent an appartment.

No German bank account also means not being able to sign up for internet.

Make it your priority No.1 to sign up with a German bank even before moving.

Insider tip: Sign up with DKB* – Deutsche Kredit Bank. Why? Because DKB does not require a German address when signing up.

Therefore you can sign up from abroad already and have your bank account the second you arrive to Hamburg.

Furthermore with the DKB credit card you can withdraw cash at any ATM (even worldwide) for free – absolutely no charges apply.

Continue reading here about the best bank accounts in Hamburg.

Internet Provider Hamburg

Internet provider Hamburg

In order to keep up to date with Facebook, Twitter and co you will need to sign up with a German internet provider.

Signing up with an internet provider in Germany still feels like you are back in 1990.

It will take at least 2-4 weeks after choosing your internet provider until a technician will come to your place and you are ready to go online.

Insider tip: 1&1 Internet* is our favorite internet provider when it comes to speed and costs.

Keep reading for more information about the best internet providers in Hamburg.

Cell Phone Provider Hamburg

Mobile phone contract Hamburg

You might want to stay online also on the go with your smartphone.

Therefore make sure to pick the best cell phone provider for you.

In general you have 2 choices. Either you go for prepaid options (more flexible but more expensive) or you sign up for ususally 24 months with one of the many phone providers in Germany.

We strongly recommend signing up for 24 months as you will not only pay less, you will also usually get a new smartphone every 2 years for less than if you would have to buy it yourself.

Insider tip: 1&1 Internet* has the best network quality of all mobile phone providers in Germany.

Continue  reading for more information about the best cell phone providers in Hamburg.

Electricity Provider Hamburg

Electricity provider Hamburg

Once you found a place to live Hamburg you will need to sign up with an electricity provider.

Well, actually you don’t have to but we strongly advise you to.

Whenever you move into an appartment or house you will automatically be signed up with Vattenfall, as they are what we call the Grundversorger.

This is very convenient, but you might pay more with Vattenfall than with other electricity providers in Hamburg.

Insider tip: E WIE EINFACH seems to have the best combination of price and service right now.

For more information continue reading about the best electricity providers in Hamburg.

Move to Hamburg – Now!

Hamburg Überseeboulevard

After hearing about all the great things that Hamburg has to offer it is time for you to move to Hamburg now.

The time could not be better – Hamburg has a lot of high paid jobs, it is a very safe and clean city and the people in Hamburg are very open and welcoming.

So pack your things together and move to Hamburg – now!

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