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Administration in Hamburg

Open German bank account

The single most important thing to do when moving to Hamburg! Sign up for a bank account already from abroad in order to be able to get a flat or German internet as soon as you have moved to Hamburg. To find out more keep reading our article about how to open a bank account in Hamburg.

Best internet provider in Hamburg

Next topic on your list should be to sign up with an internet provider in Hamburg. You don’t want to be offline and cut off communication with your friends at home, do you? With our help you will learn about the best internet providers in Hamburg and save a lot of money at the same time.

Best cell phone providers in Hamburg

Once you made some friends in Hamburg you also want to be able to talk to them on the go. Also while commuting you  might want to spend some time online so let’s find you the best cell phone provider in Hamburg.

Best electricity provider in Hamburg

After moving into your apartment in Hamburg you should as quickly as possible change the electricity provider in order to save a lot of money. To help you find the best electricity provider in Hamburg continue reading.