Top 10 things to Eat in Hamburg

Top 10 Things to Eat in Hamburg

Hamburg Burger

Hamburg’s streets offer places where you can find amazing flavors and dishes from all over the world, as well as the very best of German cuisine.

Here, hidden amongst the jungle of a modern city lay the secrets of the best things to eat in Hamburg.

But to find the top 10 things to eat in Hamburg you need to know where to look for.

We made an extensive search in the best restaurants and made a list of the top 10 things to eat in Hamburg.

These are a must for any visitor of the city, and include both local and international examples, as well as all kinds of food, whether its vegetarian-based or meat-heavy German food.

Get ready for a culinary adventure in search of the best food that you can eat in Hamburg.

In order for you to plan your food journey through Hamburg we put all places together in one easy to navigate map.

1. Rio the Grillbar

Ribs at Rio The Bar

Are you a big fan of great quality American style BBQ ribs? Or do you fancy eating a great burger from time to time?

If you can answer any of these questions with yes then it is time for you to head over to Rio the Grillbar!

If you order the BBQ ribs then you are in for a real treat! This is probably the only place (at least as far as we know) where you can ribs that tasty and incredibly seasoned that the meat just slides of the bones.

In order to achieve that quality of ribs you really need to take your time and put them in a smoker for some time.

As far as the team of Rio the Grillbar told me they keep the ribs in the smoker for around 12 hours!

Well and if it almost can’t get any better than that let me assure you that their french fries are similarily awesome! And don’t forget to order the smokey mayonnaise on the side.

Location: Neustadt. Großneumarkt 58, 20459 Hamburg & Fuhlsbüttel. Fuhlsbüttler Str. 666, 22337 Hamburg
Price: $$

2. Billy the Butcher – Burger & Bar

Hamburg Billy the Butcher Alsterhaus

Probably the last place to think of going to for a real burger is the Alsterhaus.

For those of you who are not familiar with Hamburg yet, the Alsterhaus is probably the most upscale Shopping Center in Hamburg with a prime location right at the Binnenalster.

But fear not and make your way up to the top through Gucci handbags and Tommy Hilfiger Poloshirts.

You won’t be disappointed once you stand in front of the almost hidden away bar style restaurant Billy the Butcher.

Our absolute favorite burger was the simple cheeseburger, which comes with caramelized onions and some great sauce.

The meat is typically medium-rare, but is also still tasty and juicy if you go for the medium option.

Don’t forget to order some french fries as a side dish, which will be a mix of sweet potatoe and regular fries.

I have to admit I really love this combination, as usually I go for sweet potatoe fries, but after half a portion I feel like they are too heavy on the stomach.

Oh and if you are lucky enough to be there while the sun is shining you can enjoy a great burger and get a tan while sitting on the awesome terrace outside.

Location: Jungfernstieg 16-20, 20354 Hamburg, Top floor
Price: $$

3. Zum Spätzle

Hamburg Spätzle mit Soss at Das Spätzle

For all New-Hamburgers that moved to this great city from the South-West of Germany there is only one place to go for some honest Swabian comfort food.

Zum Spätzle offers food just like you would except to get when visiting your family in Stuttgart.

Traditional Spätzle in combination with Bratensoße (kind of a gravy), Käsespätzle (cheese Spätzle) or Spätzle with some meat on the side, just take your pick.

Once you enter the little restaurant located at the (food) famous Wexstrasse you feel like you don’t want to ever leave this place again. Or maybe it is just me as I am from the South of Germany and feel a bit nostalgic every once in a while.

Location: Wexstrasse 31, 20355 Hamburg
Price: $$

4. Dieter Sanchez

Dieter Sanchez
© Dörte Haupt

Dieter Sanchez, a classic fast restaurant offers some of the classic American dishes like burgers and pretzels, but what really makes this place is their amazing Cheesesteak sandwiches.

Packed between the bread lays a delicious combination of thinly sliced steak meat, vegetables, mushroom, and cheese, all well seasoned with pepper and salt and perfectly toasted to give it that crunchy and soft caramelized flavor of toasted bred.

Can’t get any better than that. If you feel like trying something else we can also recommend the pulled pork!

Location: Langenhorn. Langenhorner Chaussee 174, 22415 Hamburg
Price: $$

5. Liman Fisch Restaurant

Liman Fisch Restaurant Hamburg

Liman Fisch Restaurant is a cozy bar with a nice friendly environment, and it is well-known as serving some of the best fish dishes in the city.

Their grilled Salmon dish is a must for every visitor. Fish is one of the most delicate meats out there, and it tends to dry easily and loose its flavor, but that isn’t a problem you will find here.

The Salmon remains juicy even after being over the fire, and complemented with fresh vegetables it is a real delicacy to enjoy.

Location: Winterhude. Mühlenkamp 16, 22303 Hamburg
Price: $$

6. O-ren Ishii


O-ren Ishii offers a far eastern touch to Hamburg with its menu of modern Vietnamese cuisine.

O-ren Ishii is famous for its rolls, but its their Chicken Curry that takes the crown for their best dish.

Make sure to try this spicy treat, and while you’re at it make sure to accompany it with their delicious Coconut and Mango Shake.

Enjoy the secrets of the far east with every bite you take to this succulent dish.

Location: Altstadt. Kleine Reichenstr. 18, 20457 Hamburg
Website: N/A
Price: $$

7. Haerlin

Restaurant Haerlin Hamburg

Do you want to try some of the best cuisine in Hamburg?

Then Haerlin is the place you need. Haerlin makes excellent German food.

Don’t believe me? Just ask the locals and see for yourself how this restaurant just keeps rising in popularity.

This place has amazing dishes like the Veal Sweetbrad, which has a strong flavor and is crowned by poppy seeds and truffles.

If you want to get your belly filled with a strong-flavored meat, then don’t forget to check out this place.

Location: Neustadt. Neuer Jungferstieg 9-14, 20354 Hamburg
Price: $$$$

8. Caramba Especial


Caramba Especial is the favorite spot for fish lovers, and rightly so, because it serves the best fish based dishes in the city.

The place get their fish from local stores and so incredibly fresh, as it was just pulled out of the water.

All of the seafood is well prepared and grilled.

Don’t leave Caramba Especial without eating their magnificent Gambas Flambé, which are well grilled and seasoned, and accompanied perfectly with Mediterranean vegetables.

The home made sauces also make a terrific addition to any of their seafood recipes.

Location: Neustadt. Rambachstr. 7, 20459 Hamburg
Price: $$$

9. Estancia Steaks

Estancia Steaks is a great steakhouse that offers a wide variety of meats from which to choose from.

At Estancia Steaks you can eat anything from a traditional German steak seasoned with a good home-made sauce, to a wide variety of international steaks that come from anywhere in the world, ranging from South American, and Europe to Australian beef.

Don’t leave Hamburg without going to this paradise for meat lovers and to try the best steaks from all over the place in one single restaurant.

Location: Altstadt. Große Reichenstr. 27, 20457 Hamburg
Price: $$$

What is there to do in Hamburg except eating?

After all this fantastic food in Hamburg you might want to take your time and check out the Top 10 things to do in Hamburg. Because believe it or not, Hamburg is not just all about food but also a very nice city to visit.