Top 10 Hamburg

Top 10 Hamburg

Best of Hamburg

We have been constantly asked about our favorite things in Hamburg.

No matter if it is about food, drinks, or general things to do or see, Hamburg has so much to offer it will never get boring.

But with so many things to see and new trendy restaurants opening up on a daily basis we thought it a very good idea to present you our personal Top 10 of Hamburg.

Top 10 Things to Do in Hamburg

Alter Elbtunnel Hamburg

Hamburg is not only one of the biggest cities in Germany, but also one of the most interesting places as well.

Located at the Elbe and very close to the Sea Hamburg has this unique feeling only few coastal cities have to offer.

Make sure to take some time to walk around Hamburg and check out some of our recommendations on our Top 10 things to do in Hamburg list.

Top 10 things to Eat in Hamburg

Hamburg Burger

One might think that Hamburg is all about the Hamburger because of the similarity of the names.

Of course you can get a juicy Hamburger (German for burger) in many places – check out our best burgers in Hamburg.

But due to the big harbour there are few places in Germany where you can get better seafood than in Hamburg.

Enjoy our Top 10 things to eat in Hamburg list and make sure to pay some of the restaurants mentioned a visit.