Best Internet Provider Hamburg

Best Internet Provider in Hamburg

In order to stay online and connected to your friends at home you should sign up with an internet provider in Hamburg.

But which internet provider in Hamburg is best for you?

What sounds like an easy question is not that simple to anwer.

It depends on what your are looking for in your internet provider.

Is your main focus to have the fastest internet or is it more important to you to pay as little as possible?

Lucky for you we have a lot of experience with different internet providers in Hamburg and can give you very useful tips.

Overview best Internet Provider in Hamburg

1&1 Internet*O2 Internet*
Internet speed16MBits - 1.000MBits10MBits - 250MBits
Best dealDSL 50
50MBits Download
10MBits Upload
o2 DSL M 50
50MBits Download
10MBits Upload
Monthly price best deal0€ first 10 months
39,99€ afterwards
19,99€ first 12 months
29,99€ afterwards
Setup 69,99€
German landline includedYes
Flatrate calls within Germany
19,9ct/min mobile phones
Flatrate calls within Germany
Flatrate mobile phones
Internet/Phone/TV packagesYes
TV in HD quality, 86 TV stations just 4,99€/month
TV options from 4,99€/month to 14,99€/month with Sky Entertainment
Unlimited high speed internetYesNo
Speed cut after 300GBits

1&1 Internet*

Logo 1&1 Internet

Right now 1&1 Internet is the best internet provider in Hamburg in our opinion.

Oh and not only in our opinion – 1&1 was voted best German internet provider by Connect – a famous German consumer journal.

Fast internet with up to 1.000 MBit/s

For all internet speed junkies in Hamburg there are some awesome news. With 1&1 you can get in some places internet with up to 1.000 MBit/s.

But even if your address is “only” eligible for internet with 50 MBit/s (which is still much faster than most other providers) 1&1 is your best choice of an internet provider in Hamburg.

Free choice of router – 1&1 HomeServer

If you believe it or not some German internet providers still force you to use the routers that they want to sell to you.

Luckily 1&1 teamed up with Germany company AVM – the manufacturer of famous Fritzbox – and offers a very good router with all contracts.

Very reasonable prices

All contracts with 1&1 usually have a duration of 24 months and get extended for a year if you do not quit the contract.

The first year is heavily subsidied which means you only pay between 9,99€ to 19,99€ a month.

But be aware that from year 2 onwards you pay the full price which is between 24,99€ to 34,99€ a month.

Did we already mention that each contract has a flatrate included for free calls to German land-lines?

If you want to sign up with 1&1 make sure to visit the 1&1 website* and choose the tariff that suits your needs best.

We would recommend to leave the feature “Mit Mindestlaufzeit” (which means you have a contract for 24 months) ticked as you will pay a lot less and get a better deal if you commit to 2 years.

O2 Internet*

Logo o2

A close second place for o2 – former Alice – as the best internet provider in Hamburg.

Basically o2 also offers most of the advantages that 1&1 offers but there are a few differences.

Very fast internet with up to 250 MBit/s

Also o2 is able to provide you in certain areas with very fast internet with up to 250 MBit/s.

If you want to save some money we would recommend to go for 16 or 50 MBit/s which is still fast enough to stream movies or download a lot.

Flatrate for free calls to German land-lines and mobile phones

o2’s All-in tariffs all come with fast internet and a flatrate for mobile phones and German land-lines. Very very nice – this saves you a lot of money in the long run.

If you want to sign up up with o2 just visit the O2 Website* and choose the tariff that suits you best.

Make sure to go for one of the All-in tariffs if you want to have a telephone flat included.

Once that you have taken care of signing up with an internet provider in Hamburg now it might be time to get a cell phone contract or to sign up for cable TV in Hamburg.

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