Best Cafes in Hamburg

Best Cafes in Hamburg

Small Cafe somewhere in Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the busiest cities in Germany, and with so much to do and see sometimes it can be hard to find a good cafe to have a great coffee to recharge.

Germans are famous for their love of beer but they also have a special predilection for coffee, and if they like drinking beer on the weekends they also enjoy sipping a cup of coffee in the afternoon after a hard day’s work.

Thankfully the city is full of comfortable coffee shops where many of the citizens residents stop by to enjoy a drink after finishing their day.

If you are a tourist or an expat new to the city you won’t find a problem finding a cafe, with many located almost in each corner, but if you truly wish to find the best cafes in Hamburg we have prepared a list for you with the hottest places that serve the best coffee.

These places have become a favorite among their regular customers thanks to the quality and variety of their coffees. The best cafes in Hamburg offer a wide variety of coffee, from the traditional cappuccino to more exotic eastern alternatives like the strongly flavored Turkish coffee, all prepared with the care that an artist puts in creating a masterpiece.


Elbgold Hamburg
Elbgold Eppendorf

Elbgold is a go-to place for any coffee lover. I mean, you really know a cafe means serious business when they roast their own coffee beans.

Here the beans are roasted enough so as to make its flavor stand out more and enhance that delicious smell of recently made coffee, but not roasted to the point that it starts tasting like charcoal like happens in other places.

With such an attention to details and the delicious resulting drink it’s not surprising that Elbgold attracts such a mixed clientele, from blue collar workers who like their coffee strong to Turkish immigrants and even hipsters who can choose to drink their moccacinos with soy milk.

Elbgold also sells fresh delicious bread like bagels and baguettes, perfect for those who love to dunk in their coffee like me, as well as tasty pastries like muffins, brownies, and Franzbrötchen pastries.

Location: Winterhude Mühlenkamp 6a, 22303 Hamburg

Due Baristi Espressobar

Due Baristi Espressobar is a favorite choice among morning persons who want to eat a nutritious and delicious breakfast before starting their day. Due Baristi Espressobar is a great place to drink a hot cup of coffee while eating one of their delicious sandwiches, cakes, or sandwiches.

They offer many different breakfast and brunch options from where to choose, including the classic scrambled eggs or energy-charged toasts with jam or nutella.

When it comes to cakes you have plenty of options where to choose from, including classic cakes and desserts like their delicious Italian Pana Cotta or their creamy and sweet New York Cheese Cake. But what is a cafe without good coffee?

Made with fresh coffee beans imported from all over the world, Due Baristi Espressobar has one of the best cappuccinos we tasted in Hamburg and is known for the variety and flavor of their coffee, which are prepared with great care and are a feast for the senses.

Location: Eimsbüttel Langenfelder Damm 2-4, 20257 Hamburg


Gnosa is one of those havens where you can relax alone with a hot cup of coffee after finishing your working day, or meeting up with friends and enjoying the excellent food and drinks in the best Parisian style.

Combining a chilled ambiance with great cooking and plentiful portions, Gnosa is a popular choice for evening customers but it is also a great place where to get a big breakfast eating a sandwich with plenty of bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber.

Gnosa offers several menus through the day including breakfast, brunch, dinner and the evening hour.

But if you really want to try the best of Gnosa come at the evening and enjoy their delicious cakes, like their renowned Rhubarb Meringue Pie, and home-made desserts while accompanying them with a delicious cup of hot coffee or tea.

Location: St. Georg Lange Reihe 93, 20099 Hamburg

Closed – Café Du Passage

If we had to describe Café Du Passage in two words they would be quality and variety. Here you could find everything from cakes and pies, including sweet delights like their Walnut Cake or their Marabout Chocolate Pie, to their famous salty Quiche pie with its tasty filling of cheese, meats, and vegetables.

And when it came to drinks Café Du Passage really stepped up to the plate offering a varied selection of coffee and teas from where to choose.

Tea lovers could find teas from all over the world including the popular Chai Tea, while coffee enthusiasts appreciated the generous size of the cups, with real cups that filled your hand and didn’t leave you unsatisfied like the tiny ones they sold in cheap cafes.

Location: Winterhude Lattenstieg 4, 22299 Hamburg

Closed – Liebes Bisschen

This quaint little cafe offered a solid selection of savory coffee made with a special attention to details, everything from the flavor, smell, and appearance was groomed so as to give you the best impression possible, and the coffee wasn’t the only good thing here.

The place was also known for their delicious desserts like the Rocky Road Cupcake or their Cheesecake both of which tasted heavenly when accompanied with their sweet hot latte macchiato. They also offered a varied menu of vegan delicacies like their peanut butter cupcakes.

Location: Altona – Nord Eifflerstr. 47, 22769 Hamburg

Closed – The Coffee Shop

If you really wanted to visit a place with a great relaxed scene (and scenery) as well as some of the best coffee and pastry in the city, then you really needed to check out The Coffee Shop.

The Coffee Shop was not only a great place to escape from Hamburg’s busy streets, thanks to its free wi-fi you could even get your job done while drinking a cup of coffee or eating their delicious pastries.

This place had an amazing view of the area behind the Inner Alster Lake but more importantly, it had some of the best pastries in the city with delicious cakes and bread like their chocolate croissants or their cheese cream bagels with which that you could accompany with your drink of preference.

Location: Neustadt Poststr. 6a, 20354 Hamburg

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