Best Bars in Hamburg

Best Bars in Hamburg

Best Bars in Hamburg

Hamburg’s streets are jammed with every type of drinking venues, from small pubs that serve the best locally produced beers and wines, to loud happy beer halls where families and strangers are brought together by their love for drinking.

The city’s drinking culture offers something for every taste, but finding the best bars in Hamburg among so many candidates is a daunting task for any tourist.

That’s why we took to the streets to give you our firsthand report of the best bars in Hamburg, painstakingly stopping to drink in each one and rating them based on the quality of their drinks, service, environment, and prices.

Hey, It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it. So next time you are chilling in one of these amazing bars with a huge glass of warm beer in your hand, remember to drink one for us. Cheers!

Le Lion – Bar de Paris

Bar Lion Hamburg
©BigShrimp Hamburg

If you are a fan of bars with a relaxed environment where you can sink into a comfy sofa and hear soft music while you enjoy delicious cocktails with friends, then Le Lion is the place for you.

Not only it gives an ambiance of peace and quiet, it also has some of the best bartenders in Hamburg. Le Lion’s staff offers an excellent service to their customers with VIP attention from the owner himself.

The drinks are as beautifully decorated as the bar, and you can buy one of their own original drinks or ask for it to be customized for you. Don’t forget to try their famous Basil Smash cocktails, which capture perfectly the essence of the basil leaves among the strong flavor of the gin.

Location: Rathaustr 3, 20095 Altstadt
Website: —
Price: $$$

Christiansen’s Fine Drinks & Cocktails

Christiansens Bar Hamburg

Christiansen’s stands out as a pioneer of flavors. Here you can choose your drink from a huge varied menu of cocktails, made by some of the best bartenders from all over Germany.

Try one of their original cocktails like their famous Hendrick’s crush made with crushed kumquat fruits, or taste one of their own creative twists to traditional drinks like their Chocolate flavored Mojitos.

Christiansen’s is such a chilled place that you can even get a free massage on mondays! Are you tired of the same old, same old?

Come to Christiansen’s and prepare yourself for an adventure into new flavors like you’ve never tasted before.

Location: Pinnasberg 60, 20359 Altona Altstadt
Price: $$$

Absinth Bar

Decorated in a greenish dreamlike style that reminds you of those old vampire mansions you see in the movies, Absinth Bar offers a unique atmosphere that you don’t see in other places.

This bar really stands out for the originality of its ambiance and the quality of their absinthe drinks, that are served in a chilled atmosphere with good music.

Absinth Bar lives up to its name by offering a large selection of absinthe drinks from where to choose, and if you never tried absinthe before the friendly staff and owner are extremely knowledgeable and will help you choose the perfect drink for you.

Location: Schanzenstr. 99, 20357 Sternschanze
Website: N/A
Price: $$$

Closed – Luba Luft

With good drinks, friendly service, and an excellent ambient, its not surprising that Luba Luft is one of the trendiest bars in Hamburg.

Here you can feel like your back in your college years, sitting on a couch and listening to cool music while you smoke and enjoy some of their delicious cocktails.

But what really makes this place shine are their delicious Whiskey sour and Moscow Mule cocktails, made with that personal touch that only their expert bartenders can give. Here the staff is pretty friendly, and so are their prices.

You can buy a cocktail very cheap and in thursdays the price is even lower for all of their drinks.

Location: Am Brunnenhof 2-4, 22767 St.Pauli
Price: $$

Closed – Hasenschaukel

Hasenschaukel was the perfect place for young people who want to enjoy a fun night out with good music and drinks.

This cozy alternative bar invited some of the coolest indie rock bands and DJs in the city to play and had become a favorite spot for music lovers in Hamburg.

They offered a large selection of beers from where to choose, including their own famous Pirate Beer, for good prices. If you loved to go out to a bar with a friendly environment, good music and fair prices, then Hasenschaukel was your place to go to.

Location: Silbersackstr. 17, 20359 St.Pauli
Price: $$

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