Best Burger Hamburg

Best Burger in Hamburg

Hamburg is considered by many to be the birthplace of the Hamburger, and its origins can be traced back to the sandwiches of meat patty that were popular among the working class at the end of the 19th century.

Today the city has many burger restaurants that offer locals and visitors awesome burgers.

These restaurants have the best burgers in Hamburg for a reason, and that is they use natural ingredients from local farms to make their burgers. So no need to feel guilty after having a nice burger as they are not only delicious but also healthy.

Our favorite burger places in Hamburg vary from the family tended business up to small franchises, all of them offering great burgers. Until some time ago burgers were not very popular, neither in Hamburg nor in the rest of Germany.

But in recent years more and more burger restaurants have been opening in Hamburg, and the quality of the burgers keeps improving at the same rate as the quantity of venues increases. Please enjoy our list of the best burgers in Hamburg and let us know if you know some other places worth mentioning.

Oh, and yes, it was very difficult not to crack some bad burger/ hamburger jokes here, so be proud of us please.

Brooklyn Burger Bar

Brooklyn Burger Bar Hamburg
©David Burghard

Brooklyn Burger Bar offers excellent BBQ burgers, with juicy patties well cooked to a perfect medium-rare, and packed between a firm pair of bunds, accompanied by crunchy fries and with a large selection of drinks to choose from, from the homemade lemonade to imported beer.

Brooklyn Burger Bar offers also a wide range of craft beers and special cocktails to accompany your burger with. Make sure to check their monthly specials and enjoy some of the best burgers and beers in Hamburg.

So, as you already can figure the second you walk into the bar, this is not your standard burger place. These guys love to prepare some good drinks and serve some very special craft beers almost as much as feeding you some juicy and freshly prepared burgers. Definitely one of the best burger places in Hamburg!

Location: Alter Fischmarkt 3, 20457 Altstadt

Dulf’s Burger

Dulffs Burger

Dulf’s Burger is one of the best burger venues in Hamburg and it offers its customers burgers with firm buns that are both tasty and aromatic, and patties that are made from grinding the carefully picked fresh meats they buy from local shops.

The Dulf’s Burger offers various customizations alternatives for its burger loving visitors. Customers can choose between one of the restaurant’s specialties or they can create their own version of the burgers.

But if you ask us, we would recommend you to go for their awesome Avocado Burger. Chester sauce in combination with guacamole give this burger the extra special touch!

All burgers are served medium and the seasoning is nicely balanced so as to not obscure the taste of the patty. Dulf’s Burger also has some pretty good fries to accompany your burger, and the side dishes and sauces are delicious and come in big portions.

Cold homemade lemonade and cold beers will help you finish your plate.

Location: Himmelstr. 45, 22299 Winterhude

El Chanti Deli

El Chanti Deli Hamburg

El Chanti Deli is a tiny little restaurant with a lot of character. This place is proud of the high standard of the meat (minced or not) they use to make their patties. Any burger you choose comes with a side dish of your choice.

Portions are large enough that you wont feel the urge to ask for seconds. Their vegetarian burgers are made with fresh vegetables especially picked among local markets.

All the ingredients used in their burgers are 100% organic, adding to them a wonderful set of flavors impossible to achieve when using commercially available ingredients.

Customers can also choose to alter the fillings of their burger, and the restaurant frequently updates its specials on a weekly basis. So make sure to check out their Facebook page in advance to learn about their specials for the week.

Location: Eppendorfer Weg 221, 20253 Hoheluft West

Hensel, was sonst

Hensels Burger Hamburg

Hensel, was sonst offers big burgers with a high quality beef patty, and a soft tasty bunds.

This restaurant is notable for having some of the best fries in Hamburg. Crispy from the outside and soft from the inside, the fries here are very crunchy and salty.

The burger’s bread and meat are tasty and well seasoned. The hamburger’s patty is made with organic beef cooked to the perfect degree, and with well matched fillings like juicy strips of fried bacon, aromatic sauces and fresh cheese.

Burgers can be ordered with or without sweet potato fries, but if you pick it with fries make sure you order the excellent Belgian fries. They are both delicious and cheap. They also have the standard set of drinks like sodas, beer and lemonade to accompany your meal.

Location: Mühlenkamp 12, 22303 Winterhude

Old MacDonald

This local pub named Old MacDonald is also a great place to have an awesome burger. Old MacDonalds offers a varied menu of meat and vegetarian hamburgers in three different sizes: small, standard and big.

The patties are always very fresh and well cooked, and the buns posses the sweet fragrance of the topping’s sesame seed. But Old MacDonald is more than it beef burgers, they also offer some pretty good vegetarian burgers.

You can choose the topping of your burger from the different burger options available on the menu, or you can choose to customize and make your own recipe altering the ingredients used and quantities to suit your personal preferences.

If you are into food and sports bars, Old MacDonald provides them both to you for a reasonable price. So if you are new in town we recommend you to go over to Old MacDonald on a Saturday or Sunday, have a burger and watch a game of one of the local football teams, Hamburger SV or St. Pauli.

Location: Stellingerweg 33, 20255 Eimsbüttel

Closed – Bucks

Bucks offered different types of burgers that you could eat in a setting with a relaxed atmosphere.

All of the ingredients they used were home made and gave their burgers that unique taste that characterizes good food.

The buns were made and baked in the store, and they were sweet and tender with a very soft crust on its layer.

The onions were caramelized and the BBQ sauce was just delicious. It also had homemade sauces, although the dippings were commercially made.

As other burger restaurants, they sold fresh home made lemonade to accompany your food, and they also offered a good selection of beers, all served at a nice natural temperature.

A trip to Bucks was well rewarded with tasty foods in portions that would have been enough even for the hungriest customer.

Location: Kurze Mühren 13, 20095 Altstadt

Closed – Louis Kitchen Bar

Louis Kitchen Bar Burger

This classy restaurant/bar was known for its delicious burgers stuffed with the freshest vegetables and a succulent patty made with the best meat that will make you lick your fingers.

The patty was a wonder in itself, and had wonderful taste of its own, thanks to the very high-quality meat that is so well cooked that it preserved the meats juices.

The buns added a wonderful aroma to the burger, and they were soft and preserve their flavor even when mixed with the sauce. All in all definitely worth a visit – you were not disappointed.

Location: Dehnhaide 24, 22081 Barmbek Süd

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