Neighborhoods in Hamburg

Best Neighborhoods in Hamburg

Hamburg office building

The city of Hamburg is divided into seven large neighborhoods, each of them offers special opportunities for people wanting to move into this beautiful and modern city.

Whether you are a worker from outside of the city just looking for a place to crash during the nights, a student who needs to rent a flat at an economical price in an area close to his college and places to party, or if you want to move with your family to a quiet place that offers plenty of activities for your kids;

Hamburg’s neighborhoods offer you different opportunities for each of your needs. The best neighborhoods in Hamburg are described further below, but first here is a list of all of the neighborhoods in the city:

  • Mitte
  • Altona
  • Eimsbüttel
  • Hamburg-Nord
  • Wandsbek
  • Bergedorf
  • Harburg


The Mitte is the central neighborhood of Hamburg and contains most of the city’s emblematic buildings, museums, parks like the famous Planten un Blomen, luxurious shops, restaurants, theaters and the famous Hamburg State Opera.

Hamburg Mitte is a shopping paradise where you can find the trendiest clothes or enjoy a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants and cafés in its streets. It is also the best spot in the city to enjoy the best clubs Hamburg has to offer.

With its excellent location among a busy commercial district, Hamburg Mitte is generally the most expensive renting location in Hamburg. Finding a flat at an economic price can be a daunting task, but its convenient location close to most college campuses and in the commercial heart of the city makes it a challenge worth the effort.


Located northwest of Hamburg Mitte the neighborhood of Altona is the next most popular destination for shopping and culture. It has many shops and boutiques, markets, clubs and cafés; Altona is famous for some of the best clubs and bars apart from St. Pauli.

If you ever get bored at window shopping the south side of the district, bordering the Elbe, is a popular destination among locals and offers some of the most beautiful sights of the Elbe river as it flows through the city.

The quality of housing available in Altona varies through most of the quarters of the district. If you want to live Hamburg to the fullest, eating at the best restaurants, and buying in the most exclusive shops, Altona is the place for you.


The Eimsbüttel is the smallest of Hamburg’s neighborhood, but what it lacks in size it makes up in style. Eimsbüttel is the most densely populated neighborhood in Hamburg, and is known for its classy buildings built in a beautiful Art Nouveau architecture

Its vibrant street life with cafés, restaurants and bars almost at every corner; and for being location of the University of Hamburg. The Eimsbüttel is a busy district but there are also good options to relax, take your time and enjoy the scenery, such as the Alster Lake and the beautiful Eimsbüttel park.

If you enjoy living in a stimulating environment, with beautiful views, great shops, and plenty of great sites to meet with people, then Eimsbüttel is definitely the place for you.

Hamburg Nord

North of the city, the Neighborhood Hamburg Nord is a combination of style and functionality, containing beautiful buildings, many shops, and restaurants. The southern part of Nord is composed mostly of large residential buildings that offer good accommodation for families at a reasonable price.

In the northernmost part of Nord, the sights become less urban as its gets further away from the city’s center and into the countryside. A great place for recreation is available at the beautiful Alster Artificial Lake, a favorite place among the locals to jog and exercise. Nord is a great location to find a place to rent for an reasonable price, and still close to the Mitte.


The neighborhood of Wandsbek is the most populous district of the city and as a largely residential area, it has many single family houses and apartment buildings. Wandsbek is an ideal place for families wishing to rent a comfortable property in the city limits.

Only a stretch away from the town’s center, it is a great place for families with various recreation options for adults and children. Parks and stadiums mix with the residential areas and provide places for exercising.

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