Best of Hamburg

Best of Hamburg – The Ultimate List

Best of Hamburg

When moving to Hamburg you don’t want to waste time and money on things that are not of the best quality.

This is exactly why we started our best of Hamburg list.

We will constantly update this list in future so make sure to come back from time to time in order not to miss out on the best things in Hamburg.

Best Burger in Hamburg

Awesome Burger Hamburg

Right now great quality burgers are the new trend not only in Hamburg but in the whole of Germany.

New burger places pop up like mushrooms in the forrest.

In order not to end up at the wrong place or even at McDonalds we made sure to put together the best burger places in Hamburg.

Best Cafes in Hamburg

Small Cafe somewhere in Hamburg

Of course we also love coffee and checked the best places in Hamburg for you to get your caffeine fix.

Check out the list of the best cafes in Hamburg.

Trust us, we did test them all and we love their coffee as much as you will.

It is no wonder coffee in Hamburg tastes especially good as most beans are imported via the Hamburg harbour and freshly roasted in Hamburg.

Best Bars in Hamburg

Christiansens Bar Hamburg

Do you feel like partying a bit?

Are you missing the nights when you were having one drink after another and came home quite a bit tipsy?

Well lucky for you that Hamburg offers a great variety of cool bars.

Check out our overview of the best bars in Hamburg.